Other Projects:

Various projects throughout time.

I started out creating maps and coding for the Settlers III in 1998, I learnt about the various balances and quirks of basic coding and graphical modding, The Settlers III ignited my passion for games, coding and modification.

I moved on to various other simulation/strategy games, including The Settlers IV, Zoo Tycoon and Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. I generated custom content through coding and 2d sprites, a lot of my modifications have been well received by associated fan communities of the games I modded. I was made moderator on a couple of major websites in the communities, and an administrator on one (now-defunct) forum website with several thousand visitors per week.

The switch to the 3D era in the mid-00's required the learning of a new skill set. Gone were top down or isometric images, in came skins, models and coding in the 3D environment. This is when I started to modify games such as Rome Total War, Zoo Tycoon 2, The Settlers: Rise of an Empire, along with other games.

My most recent projects has been this rather static website along with modifications for games I regularly play, such as Factorio.

  • My Projects

  • Pokémon
    c.1999 - present

    As a child, I played Pokémon extensively, with little knowledge of what is better other than more power and higher numbers on the statistics screen, I have since researched the game mechanics at a level to be confident enough to share my Pokémon, with EV training, chain breeding and Nature selections all as a consideration, I have created a custom page on this website to show the data in an informative and pleasing way.
  • BE Sports Massage Website
    March 2017 - April 2017
    "Lewis was fantastic with the coding, everything was done to a professional standard. Despite me being inexperienced and having a few bad experiences with other organisations, Lewis helped me and showed me the right way of doing it. Happy with my website, would recommend 100%" Ben Elliot


    My friend, Ben Elliot, approached me to develop a front end for his business's website in March 2017, as his current website was poorly designed and did not fit the needs of his business.

    I had a look at his old website and realised nothing of the codebase from it was worth saving and would, therefore, not be based on the old website.

    First Stages

    I looked into several bootstrap templates to save time and help get Ben's website up and running as soon as possible.

    When we settled on a template that was acceptable and usable I had to write some HTML, JavaScript and CSS to customise the template to the needs of the website.


    Using my knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, I created an easy to use website which clearly displays what the user needs and promotes the business clearly.

    I utilised some scripts, including some custom scripts. I also had to utilise a raster graphics editor to design various logos and images for use on the website.


    The website has since been taken down, As Ben closed his business a couple of years later to focus on a different career path

    In doing this project I learnt how to convert a client's brief into an actual result and furthered my knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  • DanielRachel.com - Migration
    May 2015 – June 2015
    "I'm not one for the technical side of website issues. Enter Lewis. As problems amounted he successfully tackled them one by one achieving a fully functioning new site, much to my relief and full-satisfaction." Daniel Rachel


    In May 2015 I met Daniel Rachel, we spoke about how he was a musician turned author, and had two websites, and how I was, at the time, a web developer. This led to him suggesting that I migrate the framework and content of one of his websites to be held under another of his websites

    I agreed to help him, as despite my limited PHP and Wordpress knowledge, I was confident I could help migrate his website to a new domain.

    First Stages

    First I was tasked with looking at the existing set-up of the websites, seeing what needed to be done to move one website to a dedicated host under the other domain.

    The first problem I encountered was that it was hosted on a shared cloud platform, meaning simply switching the DNS of one website to point to the others would not work.

    Daniel took my advice and bought some hosting suitable for the new website, then the Wordpress database and files had to be migrated across to the new server.

    Migration Problems

    Upon it being hosted on the new server I encountered many issues with various links, images and uploads pointing to the old server, I therefore had to manually update some admin files and replace all instances of the original server in the code. It required me to learn basic and intermidiate PHP and also learn about Wordpress administration.

    I successfully solved all issues with the website migration through talks with Daniel and the web hosts, I also helped Daniel by correcting issues that were present in the CSS of the original website.


    His website has since been updated to a new specification since then, you can see Daniel's website here.

    The website was fully functioning, with all paths and settings correctly pointing to his new web address and new DNS. This included his other domains.

    In doing this project I learnt how to convert a client's brief into an actual result, learnt more about Odin Plex, Wordpress, PHP and furthered my knowledge of FTP, HTML and CSS

    Daniel is a great author, I highly recommend his books, writings and his podcasts to anyone interested in music history. His music is also really good and deserves wider recognition.

  • Personal Website
    2007 - present
    Originally starting out with a goal of displaying and sharing game tips, advice and downloads. It has since evolved to be a place to test out some basic web development(HTML, CSS, Javascript etc) whilst also hosting a space to share my own creations with the world. It also involves some server side maintenance and development.
    Though limited in scope and technical capabilities, it still lives as a project I can work hard on and share with the world my developments.
  • Rome Total War, Total War: Rome Remastered & Medieval II Total War - Custom Modifications
    September 2004 - 2016, 2020 - present

    Expert at modding Rome Total War (especially script and text files), and educate others on fan websites (for instance twcenter.net ) about modding and how to code certain aspects.
    Proficient at Photoshop, GIMP and other graphical tools to edit mapped skins and graphical parts of the engine.
    Basic knowledge of 3D modelling and how to use 3D Modelling in an game environment.
    Knowledge of trouble shooting most of the game's accessible code.
  • Total War: Rome II & Total War: Attila - Custom Modifications
    February 2014 - 2016

    Usage of external programmes including Pack File Manager (external application to parse and edit in-game files), GIMP, and Notepad (HTML and in-game code)
    Troubleshooting compatibility between various modifications.
    Modifying areas of the game to balance better and/or be more historically accurate.
    Modification of various shaders, graphical options and depth of field to develop a greater feel to the game without performance problems.
    Troubleshooting poor and ineffective coding, also removing/reusing legacy coding. Various scripting and AI coding.
    ESF editing, to determine various in-game attributes.
    Database editing and mapping of the database.
  • Zoo Tycoon 2 - Custom Modifications
    November 2004 - 2016, 2018 - present

    I am able to code for all aspects of the game, from staff and building parameters, to campaign goals, to animal behaviours, this is mostly done in XML. Almost all my released work can be found on the linked page. During my time playing and modifying Zoo Tycoon 2 I was involved with various fan websites. I tested and modified downloads for members of the Zoo Tycoon Designing Centre, I have provided knowledge on code and game behaviours throughout my time in this community. I tested and modified downloads for members of the Zoo Tycoon Designing Centre as well as being moderator on the forums, ZTDC was a well established fan site with a focus on content creation.
    Coding of all aspects of the game, from staff and building parameters, to campaign goals, to animal behaviours. Almost all my created work can be found on this website, Along with guides written to guide others to create their own creations.
    I have gained an extensive knowledge of the world's biomes, flora and fauna.
  • Factorio - Custom Modications
    March 2015 - present
    Mostly LUA scripting, with some graphics creation and other modifications. I have released two modifications for the game, both to compliment the overhaul mod Bob's Mods. One adds additional tiers of inserters. One adds alternative recipes for a couple of items added by Bob's Mods
  • Cities: Skylines - Custom Modifications
    April 2015 - 2016, 2018
    Learning rudimentary C++.
    Utilising pre-built frameworks to gain in-game results.
    Utilising ingame editing software to produce new objects with various in-game parameters.
  • The Settlers: Rise of an Empire - Mapping, scripting and scenario building.
    September 2007 – May 2013, 2022
    LUA scripting, including complex looping and extensive flow planning. Particularly trade and AI scripts.
    Visual pathfinding, vectors and resource modification.
    Complete mapping and scenario editing using SE:ED.
    Understanding and adapting code in German and French.
    Colour and Biome transitionals.
    General balancing on a large scale.
    Multi-level visual and game play mechanics.
  • Chris Sawyer's Locomotion - Custom Modifications
    September 2004-2016, 2020, 2023
    I have released some modifications for this game, including an upgraded livestock train car and a mod which removes the decrease in production from some industries.
    Modification of various graphics, economics, codes and in-game variables using external applications.
    Full usage of in-game editor to supplement external work.
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 - Custom Modifications
    2007 – 2012
    Mapping using in-game editor.
    Object and ride creation using external applications.
    3d design using internal editors.
    2d design using various programmes including Photoshop CS3.
    Basic economics and game limitations developed and adapted using various softwares.
  • Ricochet: Infinity - Scripting and Level Design
    September 2007 – August 2010
    Using ingame editor to create various patterns, shapes, designs and motions using complex scripting and movement commands. Completed various level sets, all well received by the community, receiving multiple downloads and positive ratings. Unfortunately I have lost all of my creations.
  • The Sims 1 - Custom Modifications
    2006-2016, 2018, 2022

    I spent a long time messing with the coding of objects, similar to the kind of Hacks C&C enterprises were about, an addition to vanilla, and by mostly self taught, and somewhat taught by C&C tutorials and much more advance IFF pencil and Advanced script editing trial and error, I created some rather extensively modded gameplay objects, including Makin' Magic charms and spells that are used like normal objects, a flamingo that maxs out motives and a bunch of chairs that spawn ingredients for your Sims. Advanced object behaviour coding and advanced sprite, transparency, collision and shape and colour graphical editing.
    Knowledge of Photoshop, GIMP, Transmorgrifier, IFF Snooper, IFF Pencil, FAR out, and other various game-related programmes.
    Understanding of advanced ingame parameters and aesthetics, including complex knowledge of errors and how to troubleshoot errors, and GUID conflicts.
    Some model skins and UI creation.
    All published work available on this website. There are various work I cannot share due to cloning policies and data corruption.
  • Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Python Modding
    November 2005 – September 2010
    Basic scripting, mod integration and modding using Python, including adapting a global warming script into a larger scale and more variables based on gameplay, increasing in a pseudo-realistic way, emulating models of global warming from scientific papers available at the time. I was pleased with the result, unfortunately the files were lost during a transition to a new PC.
  • The Settlers: Heritage of Kings - Mapping
    November 2005 – September 2007
    General mapping and scenario building using in-game GUI Editor.
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 - Custom Modifications
    2002 – 2008

    Creation of new objects and coding in-game and using external applications.
    Mapping and height variation using both ingame and external editors.
  • The Settlers IV - Mapping and scenario building
    March 2002 – November 2005, 2022
    Mapping and scenario building using in-game editor.
  • Zoo Tycoon - Custom Modifications
    October 2001 – 2005
    Basic coding of buildings, guests and animals. Complete 2D graphical elements. All my released creations were available on Zoo Admin and have since been lost.
  • The Settlers III - Custom Modifications
    November 1998 – 2002, 2015, 2020
    Modification of 2d graphics and map using game software, Paint and Notepad.
  • Personal Website - Mark I
    2004 – 2007
    My first website was simply a space for me to play about with Cpanel, other server side components, HTML, CSS and Javascript to display pictures of my hamster on the internet.

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